Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration
Hair Restoration
Hair Restoration

Thinning hair and bald patches can be distressing, impacting one's self-esteem and overall appearance. With the advancing science of Mesotherapy, Tana Clinic offers a transformative solution—Hair Restoration Mesotherapy—a modern and proven treatment to combat hair loss and promote growth.

Why Should You Consider Mesotherapy for Hair Restoration?

  1. Direct Approach: Mesotherapy involves microinjections that deliver nourishing substances directly to the scalp, ensuring the roots receive the nutrients required for healthy growth.

  2. Natural Stimulation: The treatment encourages the body's natural hair growth mechanisms, invigorating hair follicles and increasing blood circulation.

  3. Versatility: Suitable for both men and women, it addresses various forms of hair loss, be it due to genetics, hormonal imbalances, or environmental factors.

Advantages of Hair Restoration at Tana Clinic

  • Clinically Tested: Mesotherapy has undergone rigorous testing and has shown remarkable results in enhancing hair density.

  • Minimal Discomfort: With the use of fine needles, discomfort is minimal, and most patients report a painless experience.

  • Short Sessions: Each treatment session typically lasts 20-30 minutes, making it easy to fit into busy schedules.

Potential Disadvantages

  • Multiple Treatments: To achieve the desired hair density and volume, multiple sessions, typically spaced a month apart, are necessary.

  • Temporary Side Effects: Some patients might experience slight redness, itching, or tenderness in the treated area, which generally subsides in a day.

Post-Treatment Expectations

After the initial sessions, patients can expect a noticeable reduction in hair fall and a gradual increase in hair thickness. Continued treatments sustain the improved hair health, providing a fuller and denser scalp over time.

For those seeking a non-surgical solution to hair loss, the answer lies at Tana Clinic. Contact us today to schedule your Mesotherapy Hair Restoration session.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Restoration

Hair thinning woes? Dive into our most-searched questions about Mesotherapy for Hair Restoration at Tana Clinic.

Most patients report a visible reduction in hair loss after 2-3 sessions, with significant regrowth observed after 4-6 sessions.

While Mesotherapy promotes natural hair growth, maintenance sessions are recommended to sustain the results, especially if the cause of hair loss is ongoing.

Yes, Mesotherapy can complement other hair treatments. However, it's best to consult our specialists to customize a treatment plan.

It's advisable to avoid harsh hair products and excessive sun exposure for a few days post-treatment. Regular scalp massage can further enhance the results.

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