Facial Volume Restoration

Facial Volume Restoration
Facial Volume Restoration

A youthful face is often characterized by its fullness and smooth contours. However, with age, sun exposure, and other factors, facial volume tends to decrease, leading to hollows, wrinkles, and a more aged appearance. At Tana Clinic, we understand the significance of facial harmony, and through our state-of-the-art facial volume restoration procedures, we aim to rejuvenate and restore your face to its natural vibrancy.

Why Choose Facial Volume Restoration?

  1. Combat Aging: As we age, the natural fat under our skin diminishes, leading to sagging skin, hollowed cheeks, and under-eye areas. Restoring this volume can significantly counteract these signs.
  2. Refreshed Appearance: Facial volume restoration can offer a refreshed, more alert appearance, particularly beneficial for those who feel their face doesn't reflect their energy or spirit.
  3. Balanced Facial Features: Volume restoration can enhance the proportionality of facial features, ensuring a harmonious look.

Advantages of Facial Volume Restoration at Tana Clinic

  • Tailored Approach: Every face is unique, and at Tana Clinic, we emphasize individualized treatment plans that respect and enhance your natural beauty.

  • Immediate Results: With advanced dermal fillers and fat transfer techniques, most patients witness immediate improvement post-procedure.

  • Long-Lasting: Depending on the chosen method and individual factors, results can last for several years.

Potential Disadvantages

  • Procedure-specific Risks: Every procedure, whether filler injections or fat transfer, comes with its set of risks, such as allergic reactions or uneven results.

  • Downtime: While many procedures have minimal downtime, some might require a few days for optimal recovery.

  • Maintenance: Some treatments might require periodic touch-ups to maintain the desired look.

Post-Procedure Expectations

Post-procedure, patients can expect enhanced facial fullness, reduced appearance of wrinkles, and improved facial contour. While some results are immediate, the full outcome might take a few weeks to manifest. Swelling and bruising, if any, usually subside within a week.

Tana Clinic's commitment to excellence ensures you're in the most skilled and caring hands. We utilize the latest techniques and technologies to offer treatments that are both safe and effective. If facial volume loss is a concern for you, our dedicated team is here to guide you towards a rejuvenated appearance.


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